11 Facts People Should Know About Me

Myers Briggs personality type, horoscope, birth date, favorite K-pop group, color of my hair – these are things that people can easily find out if they do a little bit of stalking on my social media accounts (in case you wanted to know: ENFP, Scorpio, 18th November, DAY6 & Girls Generation, faded brown). But there are many sides of me that people have never seen, and will probably never see because I’m always too busy to hang out or just too awkward to talk.

So here are 11 (because it’s my favorite number) facts that you should know about me!

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2016 Recap + 2017 Goals

So I actually wrote some artsy fartsy introduction text for this post previously, but after reading it again, it was so cringey I had to delete everything.

But yes, this post.

I may not update my blog very often, but one of the times that I will most definitely give this blog a little CPR would be when I need to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions! It’s probably the same as 2016’s but… isn’t that the same for everyone?

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First Trip Abroad: Rainy Hong Kong

After months of procrastinating, this post is finally happening!

So, back in September, I visited Hong Kong for 6 days, which was of mostly rain, endless walking, and a lot of money burning. It was, though, without a doubt, a nice getaway for a week. The piled up stress from work was killing me and I think this vacation was juuust in time.

(Pssst. Vlog at the bottom!)

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Turning 20: Things That Hit Hard In 2016

Hello, I’m back.

I just turned 20 two days ago (18th November!), and well…. it didn’t make much of a difference.

My student life pretty much ended after my exams last year, and the only academic paper that I wrote after that was my internship report, so there’s that. Many things happened, some were great, some were traumatizing, some were just weird – but all that made who I am today.

Friends have been commenting on my slight change of attitude/personality after I started working, and I guess the beliefs and principals that I uphold right now are probably very different from those that 18 year old Jane used to.

My 19th year have been a roller coaster ride, and now that I’m stepping into my 20th, I hope it’ll be one worth remembering. So, here are 20 things that have hit particularly hard this year.

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Husbando List: The Four-Eyed Tsunderes

In regards to what Nathalie said about me in the blog swap post, I thought I should introduce some of my favourite fictional male characters.

In case you don’t know what she said, this was it:

“Her taste in 2D men are the asshole, smug types… and glasses is a must. I’m not the only one that thinks it’s weirdly specific, right?”

Close, close! So let me lay it down for you.

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