New Beginnings

Hello, WordPress!
I am back.

And I totally did not come back and edit this post because I published it in a rush.

Basically, I closed down my old blog and decided to start anew!


Thought that my previous one was getting a little too angsty, and I kind of need more good vibes in my life instead of all that negativity – about time to stop getting so whiny all the time.

Hoping to update weekly, but I predict that work will get the better hold of me so I guess once a month would be good. I’ll be writing about various things that interest me, or would spark any interest train of thoughts, like:

  • Anime & Manga
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Books (including fanfictions!)
  • Food
  • Music
  • People
  • Basically my life.

But here’s a little disclaimer for any possible future issues that may arise due to my choice of words and opinion.

I am writing based on my own personal opinion, and will not represent any person, group, or organization, unless stated otherwise.

As a living human being, my opinions may also change over time. In case of voicing out any contradicting opinions in the future, I apologize beforehand.


I will also expect myself to be writing a lot about my latest obsessions – Haikyuu!! and anything Korean.

Hope that there will be those of you who’d come back and read my writings.


Until then,

bonus points to whoever that got this reference



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