The Smartphone Destroyer

That’s what I’d call myself.

I think it has something to do with my natural clumsiness, where I would just tend to lose my grip on my phones, and just happen to drop it, scratch it, etc. Later on when it gets really damaged, I just can’t care less and start throwing it around and stuff.

Starting from my first phone would make the story too long, so let’s talk about the phones I’ve used in the past two years.


I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Before this was a Samsung Galaxy S2.

This was a hand-me-down from my dad, as usual. I had no problems with it, except that it got more and more laggy as I continue to use it.

Got pretty damaged over time, as I started to toss it around (especially onto tables and my bed) and stuff. The screen got very scratched.

I can’t really remember how long I had this, but sometime in 2014, I started using the Vivo X3S.

I had absolute no issues with this phone – okay maybe one.

The camera is superb, the phone is slim and sleek, it doesn’t really lag much; the only problem is that it doesn’t allow external storage (MicroSD) and I have to depend completely on its internal storage space, which is quite limited.

I personally think that I handled this phone with care, and I didn’t really toss it around or anything. There was a scratch at the back because of my keys, and scratches on the screen because I always leave it face down… but yeah, it was in a pretty good condition.

I had to change to the next phone because the charging plug stopped working and I had to twist my cable into weird angles to charge the phone. /sigh

Then I swapped phones with my dad.

It was the Samsung Galaxy A7I loved it.

The camera was amazing, the phone never lagged, there was enough internal and external storage space – which allowed me to download all sorts of apps (especially games huehue) that I wanted to – and it had a relatively large screen and the body wasn’t too thick either.

But I dropped it.
I frickin’ dropped it.

The moment I realized I dropped it, I literally wanted to shoot and slap myself.

But I guess when I’m in a state of panic (because my car kind of heated up as I was driving from Subang to SS2 and the traffic jam was really bad), my brain doesn’t control my limbs very well. I dropped it after I got out of my car. /sigh

Dropping a phone isn’t a big deal, right? Happens all the time, totally.

But it’s a first for me – dropping a phone and damaging the LCD screen. It kind of died on-the-spot and by 12pm I found myself staring at a blank screen – the phone could still work because I can screenshot stuff.

I felt so guilty, because the phone’s not exactly cheap, and my dad was using the Vivo X3S while I get to use this wonderful phone. But I spoiled it. I spoiled another phone, again. 

I got so upset I went straight home and slept, and lost the mood and motivation to do anything for the rest of the night while I beat myself up over the fact that I spoiled the phone.


That happened yesterday, 18.01.2016.
RIP Favorite phone in 19 years of my life.


And now I’m back to the Vivo X3S. 

I currently have the charging cable bent, phone resting on my pillow, charging. I hope it charges to full battery so that I don’t have to spend another 10 minutes trying to find an angle where the charging can happen.

Guess my dad will be getting himself a new phone.

I think I should continue using the Vivo X3S until whenever, and pay for my own new phone in the future when I want a change. Perhaps I would be 200% extra careful with it since I’m spending my own money.

Other than using silicone phone covers (it actually helps), what else can I do to protect my phone from my clumsiness?

Until the next post, toodles!


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