New Experiences: Work Life

I’ve always been looking forward to ending my diploma course because I felt the need to earn money, and that college life just sucks because of the endless heaps of assignments. Now that I’m doing my internship, I really miss college life.


It is now my 4th week of internship, and I’m feeling all the reasons as to why adults dread work so much.

Honestly speaking, my work is not very tough as compared to many of my course mates (some work until 1am due to filming schedules).

Work begins at 10am. Also, on days where my boss are overseas or outstation, there’s almost no work in the office. I spend most of my mornings in the office doing nothing.

So far, I’ve also been working behind-the-scenes for the planning of a fan meeting of my favourite band, so I kind of get to like check out all the news and latest updates about them at work – what else can a fan girl ask for, right?

I really like this gif.
I really like this gif btw.

But nothing is perfect in life. My work also comes with a fair amount of downsides that are the reasons to why I hit the sack by 11pm every night.

Work is supposed to end at 7pm, but since my boss chooses to come into the office at 5pm onwards, she’ll usually ask us to do things for her when it’s almost time for us to get off work, and apparently there’s this unspoken rule where you can’t leave the office unless you boss does – she stays past 7pm very often so that makes another reason for us to stay past 7pm. Another fellow intern have tried getting of work only at 8:30pm due to extra work, which is just sad. I’ve tried reaching home at 8pm as well, when my house is just 5 minutes away from my workplace.

While I have yet to get any serious scolding from my superiors and seniors yet, I find myself being careful around them when I speak and do things since I wouldn’t want my internship to end early, y’know. One thing I really dislike would be the sudden waves of work that comes last-minute from time to time. While I usually manage to get things done, I’d prefer if I get to do things without rushing, you know? [3/3/16 EDIT: I’ve got scolded for my attitude issues because I had to use a very immature method to resign so that’s the first serious scolding that I received.]

But I guess that’s working life for you.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing after my internship ends – I might continue to work for another event company, I might continue to pursue a degree online, I might switch to work in another related field, I might do something totally unrelated. Who knows, right?

But right now I gotta learn how to deal with challenging superiors.
Challenging in a sense that… they really test my patience.

I’m steadily learning #HowToAdult and even though it’s not a very smooth path, I hope I’ll be able to enjoy the journey to and throughout adulthood. My age will be in the 20’s range once my birthday passes this year, and I’m quite excited for what’ll welcome me in the future.

Now, bed time because it’s almost 11pm and I need to wake up at 6:30am. Toodles.

#HowToAdult101: Sleep when you can, because your body needs it.

P.S: I edited this post because I guess I shouldn’t really bad mouth about my boss in public, even though many people do it. I still respect my boss for being able to run the company for so many years though, despite everything. [3/3/16 EDIT: But that doesn’t mean she has the right to use me like her P.A. when I’m only getting paid less than 300 a month.]


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