How My Perspective Changes

per·spec·tive   |  noun
a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

My perspective gets swayed easily, but they don’t change entirely if I don’t see/experience it for myself. I guess you can consider me to be stubborn, somehow.

Here’s how my perspective has changed – towards my career industry, and the two things that take up the most of my life: Kpop and ACG.


About the Event Management Industry

Since I just got out of it, I might as well talk about it, as well as the mass communications industry in general.


|| Before: It’s glamorous, fun, exciting, and just very cool.

|| Now: It’s tiring, you don’t get to do fun things all the time, entry-level employees are like slaves. 


Like what I said in the previous post, many people fantasize about it being a very fun industry to work in. Fact is, it’s not. There’s a lot of things that goes on behind-the-scenes that makes up the glamorous outlook that everyone sees in the end. Things like applying for permit, paying for song copyrights, contract signing, looking for sponsors, monitoring the ticket sales, thinking of ways to boost sales, arranging for transport, etc.

All that, drains you of your energy if you don’t enjoy doing them.
Likewise, you will be able to do well if you enjoy doing them.

While most companies within the mass communication industry is like such – hectic work load, long working hours, overwhelming stress, etc – I do believe that I have alternatives, like writing and translating professionally, and maybe copywriting as well (as suggested by my lecturer). I can probably work on other side projects as well.

Finding ways to survive in this world – so far so good.


About all things Korean


|| Before: Kpop is totally lame. Why can’t they stop talking about G-dragon? Who on earth is Super Junior? Why do guys put on eyeliners? 

|| Now: Koreans are not only about plastic surgery. 


For those who know me, they would know how obsessed I am with K-pop, but I’m less obsessed nowadays. Let’s just say I’m more attracted to the Korean culture – the one that I see on TV and hear from my Korean teacher himself, of course, since I have not been to Korea yet.

It was the year 2013, where I visited a distant relative’s place and watched Running Man for the first time in forever. At that time, there was so much hype about it, but I never watched it, and so I saw episode 59, and it was SO COOL. I fell in love with the show and proceeded to marathon the entire show within a month or two.

As Running Man occasionally has idols to guest on their shows, I got interested in some of them (good looking young men, who can resist right) and searched about them, so that was my first step into the K-pop fandom. And then I came across B.A.P (I was curious if there were any idols who were my age, and I found Zelo), who are, until today, my favourite boy group. From then on, I never stopped paying attention to K-pop news.


So eventually I came to discover more and more about variety shows, Korean culture, etc. While I am not disconnected from the Western pop culture, I prefer the Korean pop culture more, which is why I am more aware of what’s going on in their entertainment industry than our own.

I came to meet Korean friends, who tell me about how their country really is instead of the plastic version that is depicted by pop culture. I came to find out about the harsh education system and culture in their country. I came to know of the difficult life that K-pop idols have to live, behind all that glamour. I came to learn of so many things, and I really respect all the celebrities who have to withstand the keyboard warriors that would attack them over silly things.


About the Malaysian Cosplay scene


|| Before: Low quality costume/props, most don’t even fit the character, ugh. #LAME

|| After: We have so much talent in the local ACG scene, and we need more exposure!


I used to criticize “ugly Cosplays” – those who were too big, too small, too tall, too short, too dark, too fair, too young, or too old for their character. Despite my discontent with the local cosplay scene, I thought it was cool, which is why I got into cosplaying in year 2009.

Then I realized that I’m not cut for it. So I switched to writing anime reviews instead.

Logo - Black Yellow

Now that I have more $$, I never thought of going back to it because I’ve met so many Cosplayers, seen and heard of their costume and prop-making processes, and decided that it’s not something that I’d commit my time to. Really respecting those who dedicate so much time and effort into their costumes.

I have attended many local ACG conventions/events, and have been witnessing the growth of our local Cosplay scene, year by year. There are more and more attendees to the major conventions (Comic Fiesta, Animangaki), and there are also more and more Cosplayers who join the scene each year.

Also, we have so many amazing Cosplayers in our country! My personal favourites are Ying Tze, Fujiwara Kazuko, and basically Nezumi Group as a whole.

While there are still many newbies, or people who my friends dub as “cosplayers who ruin the characters”, I find myself to have stopped criticizing Cosplayers in terms of their appearance, costume/prop quality, etc. Perhaps it’s because I’m only seeing them while on media coverage “duty”, so I try to take a more professional approach. But right now, I’m always glad to see so many newbie and/or veteran Cosplayers, forming groups, performing sketches, competing at competitions, and just come up with one amazing project after another.


Life is tough. But it does get interesting.

I hope to discover more new perspectives in the future. 


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