Chicken is Everything, Chicken is Life.

For those who know me well, you’d probably know that I’m quite a fan of meat, especially chicken. I enjoy beef and pork too, but chicken is the best. 

Here are my 8 favourite chicken dishes/meals/restaurants that I’d recommend. Writing this because I just had Texas Chicken for lunch and I’m feeling very grateful for chicken today.



1. Nando’s Chicken 

Since I always order the chicken tenders + 1 side (Mediterranean Rice forever), my friend says it’s just “expensive chicken rice”, but let’s admit it, their chicken’s pretty good. While some may argue that their spicy isn’t really spicy enough, the mild flavour is enough for me to have a taste of what spicy is, while also being able to enjoy my meal instead of downing cups of water.




2. Texas Chicken (originally Church’s Chicken in the US) 

If I had to choose between KFC and Texas Chicken – which are the two major chicken fast food chains in Malaysia – I would definitely go for Texas Chicken. My brother introduced me to it about two years ago, and I kind of stopped eating KFC after that.

Their mashed potatoes and honey butter biscuits are glorious.




3. Salted Egg Chicken

It’s a common dish that you can find at most Chinese restaurants, and quite popular among most people I know. While it’s not the healthiest dish, it’s absolutely delicious and I would have it once a week at the economy rice place near church. Whoever invented this dish deserves a prize.



4. Chicken and Egg Dilemma @ myBurgerLab

I’ve tried so many burgers from myBurgerLab, including their latest Ultraman, and the not-so-secret-anymore Jamming with Elvis, as well as the basics (A+ and Say Cheese). All those are good, but I still prefer the Chicken and Egg Dilemma over all the other burgers.

Beef is good, but chicken is better. & Chicken and Egg Dilemma is the exact perfect type of burger for my taste ❤


bonchon chicken wings; bordishki Original Filename: wings.jpg

5. Korean Fried Chicken

You know that thing about Koreans and fried chicken with beer? I’m into that, excluding the beer. I wish Korean fried chicken chains would offer delivery (at midnight!) and price their food cheaper though. I consider them relatively pricey but still – so delicious.

I think KyoChon’s original soy and honey flavoured chickens are really good. Their SalSal strips too! Here’s their menu if you’re wondering how they look like:


6. Samgyetang

I don’t eat this very often, but it’s good. It’s Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, in which the chicken is stuffed with garlic and rice. Very filling meal, and also makes me feel somewhat healthy because of the ginseng lol. One of the few traditional Korean dishes that I can eat because it’s 100% not spicy.


7. Homemade Chicken Pie @ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

While I question how “homemade” it is, it’s actually pretty good. Of course, since I’m not some major pie maniac, I don’t really know how to tell if it’s a good or bad pie (does some kind of standard exist?). I just know it’s pretty tasty and sometimes I have it for dinner. But I think it’s gotten pretty pricey for it’s worth, so maybe not something that I’ll have too often.


8. Chicken Mushroom Melt @ Wendy’s

Chicken + Mushroom + Cheese – Greens. Perfect burger for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I always end up with a mess of leaking sauce and mushrooms while eating this.


So, I don’t know why I made this post, but if I made you hungry, good because I also made myself hungry.



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