Goodbye DMCN

Warning: Long post ahead!

I felt the need to write this post in order for me to officially end everything and bid goodbye to DMCN, so here we go, a nostalgic journey throughout the past two years.


I was told that my results would be released on the 31st of March 2016, so I didn’t expect myself to see this email on the 30th of March.



Since this might very well be my very last grade report for my entire diploma programme, I was hoping that I pass and won’t have to receive the 7th grade report, ever.



I was basically freaking out and proceeded to message my friends before I checked my results since it hasn’t load.

And then I finally checked it…


/cues Congratulations chorus

I even Snapchatted it because I was quite excited that I’M DONE WITH DIPLOMA FOR GOOD.


My results are not like ridiculously good like 3.7 or anything, but I’m quite satisfied with it, considering the fact that I suck so bad at doing exams.

Also means it’s time for me to go find some source of income otherwise I’ll be rotting away for the next few months until the application opens for the scholarship program that I plan to apply for (which is some time in October or so).


Immediately spoke to my HOP & lecturer on what to do for my withdrawal application after I saw the e-mail.

I will be getting all the procedures done for my withdrawal, and will collect my transcript and all other necessary documents next week. Which means I’m basically done with DMCN.

It’s been a great two years.



I started the programme in April 2014, at INTI International College Subang.

Diploma in Mass Communications (DMCN)
Duration: 2 years

I might continue to use this for student discounts because I'm such a cheapskate right.
I might continue to use this for student discounts because I’m such a cheapskate right.

There were so many new experiences during these two years, and looking back, even though I didn’t spend much time going out or just having fun in general – as I was mostly reading, doing assignments, or watching Korean programs – it has been a great time.

Poster V2

My first poster design in Semester 1 for Human Communications, also got chosen as one of the top 3 among the few classes that semester.

Orientalism in Aladdin

The presentation I was most proud of throughout the 2 years: Orientalism in Aladdin, for Media Issues in Semester 3. Only 10 slides, I presented really well and even went over time but my lecturer allowed me to go on because it was really interesting, and I also got a good mark for this.

Quoting myself from the presentation: “Jasmine’s Arabic, or Indian, or whatever, she’s just brown.”


My first screen play: 70 scenes, 61 pages, satire/romance/thriller. It did okay, but I was quite proud of myself for almost completing the entire thing by myself because group members weren’t very helpful… #I_Survived


First Music Video: Filmed a music video to the song Better with You by Kris Allen in Semester 4 for Introduction to Video/TV Production. It wasn’t the best, but it was hard work and our grades were decent.

Bright Sight

First charity event: Bright Sight, organized by M1 students for Public Relations Strategies, a charity dinner with the “dinning in the dark” concept to raise awareness and funds for the Malaysia Blind Association.

I was in charge of internal public relations, and was basically the security person-in-charge during the event day itself as I was handling all the ushers (juniors and seniors who volunteered!) as well.

Comm Service

Volunteering at DUMC’s Break Through Drug Rehabilitation Centre: Volunteered as part of the MPU, Community Service & Cocurriculum course assignment in Semester 5, and helped out with preparing and selling baked goods, which profit all goes back to the rehabilitation centre.

Newspaper 01

First newspaper: Big Valley News in Semester 3 for Journalism, in which there were some mistakes done on the layout,  but we got a good grade nevertheless. This contained news and feature articles of happenings in INTI, with the article and photographs all done by ourselves.

Newspaper 02

Newspaper 02.2
Editorial and Movie Review that I wrote

Second newspaper: Big Valley News (2nd Issue) in Semester 5 for Newswriting. News articles were rewritten based on other reported news, while other articles like movie review, editorial, and feature articles were written by us. I did a lot for this as editor, writer, and also designer, and the outcome was quite satisfactory.


First short film: de-constructing Peter Pan in Semester 5 for Screen Productions. I wrote the script and directed it, as well as designed the poster. We got decent grades for this, and I guess it’s really fun working with someone that we came to meet for the first time.

Media Issues

Also went through various interesting activities during Semester 3 for Media Issues. Like, dressing up as guys while the guys dressed up as girls. This was for the chapter of Feminism.

Also did a social experiment where I was not allowed to use my phone, not allowed to go online, not allowed to play games, and basically live without a smartphone and wi-fi. I was allowed to use my laptop to do assignments and google for assignments-related information though, and I stuck to that. And the 2G phone was just for me to contact my parents in case I needed to. It was a hellish 3 days and I was so glad when I got my phone back.


Also did all sorts of interesting things as a Mass Comm student, who gets to use all the cool equipment and studios in the college.

Filmed in the sun for a 30 secs TVC; made my house a filming set for three tutorial videos; spent hours in the Mass Comm studio for classes, photoshoots, filming, etc; used the studio camcorder and other equipment for so many times and having muscle ache after; tried MCP filming for some seniors’ class presentation; visited Sekinchan to film a documentary; etcetc.

Also recorded radio ads, radio game show, did voice over for videos, etc. Everything was so fun, yet tiring at the same time.


Also met great friends, though some relationships went sour along the way, but I guess people come and go, and I learned a lot through all the people that I met in these two years. #squad


And I also met three other girls who made my life very fun and interesting during these two years. While we do have our ups and downs, get on each other’s bad sides quite frequently, and I also sometimes get embarrassed of their silly antics, I enjoyed being with them as well as talking to them about various things in life. It’s great to know that they have my back. While I cannot be 100% sure that we’ll stay best friends until the end of this life time, they were my best friends in these two years, and it has been great. Love you all ❤ #Chatty_Group #Since_Semester_2

Before Eve joined our little clique in Semester 2, Xin Lin, Yinglin and myself made a promise to graduate together. We did it. And I’m so glad that we had each other along these two years, from beginning to end.

& Dearest Eve, all the best in your final semester. Even though we didn’t graduate together (at the same semester anyway…), you know I still love you right ahahah ❤ See you around, just call me up if you need anything! 

And also, myself.

Myself - 2 Years

Over these two years, I can see myself changing. Personality, habits, hobbies, appearance, skills, etc. I’m working hard to become a better person, and I hope I can continue to become better after this.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my growth, change, everything.



I won’t be attending the convocation ceremony, and that would mean I probably won’t be seeing everyone until we have some sort of reunion in the future.

All the best everyone. I’ll miss you guys.

Goodbye, DMCN.


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