To Johor

So, about a month ago, I headed to Johor with my mum, aunt, and uncle to join the Family Fun Run (3km) at the Milo Breakfast Day 2016.

Initially, we wanted to go to the one in Putrajaya, but we mistakenly registered for the one in Johor. Instead of selling it away, we decided to just go for a two-day trip and go for the run in Johor anyway.

Some interesting things that happened:

Our hotel room got a free upgrade

We booked the standard Deluxe Room at Silka Johor Bahru, but they upgraded us to the Business Suite and it was really nice. I don’t have much experience with hotels but this would be the best experience so far!

The food was also pretty decent at their Checkers Cafe and Kapitan Corner.

Calorie Count

I definitely ate back all the calories lost from running for 3km.

After the run, I went back to the hotel for breakfast, and then later on ate the food that I got for free at the event, and after that went to Melaka to eat noodles, ondeh-ondeh, and also coconut shake (klebang).

My friends were saying that I’m so healthy for joining a 3km run but I feel so guilty smh.

Stamina Drop

Before going for the run, I went to the gym to train for it because my stamina and endurance was so poor. After about two weeks of training, I got better and could run the treadmill until 2.5km or so in under 25 minutes?

During the actual run, I think I spent 15 to 20 minutes to finish 3km so I thought I did pretty well.

But after coming back, I couldn’t even last 1.5km on the treadmill… (/ _ \) It’s weird ’cause it’s the same for my aunt as well. I wonder is it because I lost the motivation to work out or something?

So yeah, I started vlogging!

I don’t know how frequent I will be updating, because my life is not very… interesting. Probably will have to find things to do to actually have something to vlog about, haha.


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