August Is Over

Yeah, that title’s getting a little old. I think I use that every September.

I also think I drafted too many posts regarding my internship (summer ’16 highlight woohoo!), but since there’s so much to talk about, here’s post #1 where I try to summarize everything.

To be completely honest, I never saw myself as the kind who would do a summer internship (I would usually just laze around instead) – which I eventually did over the past 3 months, and I seriously have #noregrets.

Image result for gif no regrets

Due to my past internship, it took me almost 2 weeks to adjust to everything in the new environment. I’m still feeling apologetic to some people for my behaviour/attitude for the first two weeks, for being so awkward since I haven’t exactly open up yet, but I’m glad I opened up after that and managed to change myself a little along the way.

At the start of the internship, I told myself two things.

1. Don’t give up. Finish what you started.
2. Try to become the person you want yourself to be. 

I would say I had some pretty big changes on my attitudes, views, and personality as well. Not perfect, but I’d say I’m another step closer to the person that my 10-year-old self wanted to be.

Image result for swag gif

I also don’t know how can I express how grateful I am for all the people I have met at KFit – especially my beloved intern buddies who went through so much crap and shared a lot of joy with me! ❤

The past 3 months have been a very interesting roller coaster ride, and it has been so eventful that it still feels pretty unreal that all that actually happened.

However, I do admit that I got too caught up with all that stuff happening that I have put aside a lot of things – videos, reviews, k-drama (Doctors, W, please wait for me), anime, manga, etc.

I’ll get myself back on track after I return from my family vacation!  😀

So… let’s talk about what I ticked off my bucket list over the past couple of months!

✓ Learn martial arts (just 5 classes, but yeah, I did it!) 
✓ Go on a weekend trip with friends
✓ Graduate college
✓ Dye my hair (goodbye virgin hair!)

Considering my usual productivity/lack of initiative, I think it’s quite a feat!

Image result for good job gif

Next couple of months should be packed with part-time and/or freelance jobs, so I’ll be mostly hermit-ing at home while I hustle away.

Please call me out for lunch, y’all. 


Until my next post,


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