Best Friend Tag: Blog Swap with Nathalie

Shh, shh. Did you hear that? The tinkling bells as I landed on this little space in the vast interweb? They only do that for strangers, you know, and that’s exactly who I am – a stranger!

Well, kind of… maybe just a stranger to you. My name is Nathalie, and I’m here because I’ve abducted Jane for a blog swap! (*evil laugher*) We’re doing the best friend tag (-ish), so I’m going to answer a few questions about her here, and she’s going to answer questions about me on my blog!

Some preface: We’ve been friends ever since primary school, and despite not talking much in between, we’ve always been on the same wavelength. It’s weird. Some people may even call us soul mates best friends! Tbh, this blog tag was inevitable.

Describe Jane using THREE adjectives:

Energy-saving, committed, and fierce (when necessary)!


What is your earliest memory of her?
I used to bring these fish biscuits to primary school and while she ate her wan tan mee, I’d plop my fish into the sauce so they’d be swimming with her noodles. They tasted really good together, lol.


Have you had any bad memories with her?

No, not really. We never fought or anything… maybe because we lost touch when we were in high school – the pinnacle of puberty and bad decisions, lolol. The only semi-bad memory I can recall is when I was upset that I couldn’t visit her when she was hospitalised. Not a completely bad memory, huh?


What do you think you share in common?

The standard answer would be that we both love anime and blogging, but we’re here for some deep answers, right? I guess it’s because we share a similar outlook on life. We’ve both got “romantic souls”, passionate about our interests, relatively introverted, goal-driven, workaholics…

Maybe it’s because our base traits as humans are so similar that we end up reacting to things and thinking about them in a similar way. We agree on so many things, it’s kinda weird to even consider having an argument with her!


In what ways do you think you are different?

Hmmm… if you know Haikyuu, I’m kind of like Bokuto and she’s like Tsukki mixed Ennoshita. I’m more hyper, easily excited and vocal about my feelings, whereas she is often the calmer of us two and a bit more hesitant. She can be aggressive and sarcastic sometimes, whereas I tend to be less confrontational. I’m also very air-headed sometimes, and she becomes my voice of reason!


What is one surprising fact about Jane?

Her taste in 2D men are the asshole, smug types… and glasses is a must. I’m not the only one that thinks it’s weirdly specific, right? Haha


Name THREE fictional characters that Jane is like personality-wise

  1. Tiana from Princess and the Frog || For being so damn hardworking! She has this incredible focus that I don’t have and, at times, can spend day and night just churning out results like nobody’s business.
  2. Hotaro Oreki from Hyouka || On the flip side, she can be soooo lazy. Or should I say, energy saving?? I think she just enjoys lazing around to balance out all the work she does otherwise. She’s also a bit of a natural talent like Hotaro.
  3. Nakano Azusa from K-On! || I can just imagine them having the same reaction when I do weird things lolol. Both are responsible, tend to over-worry, love music, and most importantly… are kinda tsundere, hoho.


If Jane was trapped on a deserted island, which THREE non-survival items would she bring along?

  1. Guitar
  2. Camera
  3. Book


If one day she gained element bending powers (e.g. wind, fire, water, earth), what would they be and why?

Fire! On one hand, it’s a very aggressive and passionate element. Even if it’s a small fire, it fights hard to keep burning. Jane certainly has that determined and fierce side to her; provoke her and you’ll definitely be burned (ayyyyy). But once you learn your way around it, this element is the most warm and comforting People on her good side know that she can be incredibly affectionate and make you feel valued. ❤


Who would you “ship” her with from the following series…? (excuse our self-indulgence, lmao.)


Thinking about it, I actually think Jane might be a good match with Sugawara! He’s intuitive and empathetic enough to care for her worries, yet cheeky enough to kind of… throw her off balance, haha.

Mystic Messenger

The narcissism might be a problem… but I think she would go well with Zen! He may seem shallow, but he’s actually pretty hardworking and earnest; not to mention, romantic and also kind of a dork. Not her usual cool and quiet type, but I think she would like this kind of guy too, haha.

Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club

Oooooh, Sousuke! Among all of them, he’s the most stoic and sarcastic, so naturally… hahaha. He’s a perfect gentleman but also kind of a tease. Somehow, I feel like they’ll get along. ^^


I wonder if Jane will think this is accurate…? Anyway, check out her answers for me on my blog. I’ll see you there!


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