First Trip Abroad: Rainy Hong Kong

After months of procrastinating, this post is finally happening!

So, back in September, I visited Hong Kong for 6 days, which was of mostly rain, endless walking, and a lot of money burning. It was, though, without a doubt, a nice getaway for a week. The piled up stress from work was killing me and I think this vacation was juuust in time.

(Pssst. Vlog at the bottom!)


Favorite HK restaurant? Hands down Cafe de Coral.

A stall owner at Ladies’ Street recommended it to us because we couldn’t think of what to eat for dinner. They serve really big portions at value price – perfect for us since we didn’t want to splurge too much on food.

Didn’t manage to try the Wan Ton Mee over there, but had a taste of the best Egg Waffles and Pineapple Bun in my life. Also discovered my new found love for Roasted Goose! My family have been saying it’s amusing because I don’t even like duck meat, but roasted goose just won me over.

Highlight of my entire trip - Victoria Peak!
Highlight of my entire trip – Victoria Peak!

#HKTourist Spots
I went to a few places – Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui Jetty, Golden Bauhinia Square, etc.

I think the highlight of my entire trip would be Victoria Peak, because the night view was just so ridiculously beautiful. Lantau Island was quite a disappointment because it was raining, and it literally felt like I was in the middle of a Left4Dead game or something.

Nonetheless, it was a little weird to see places that appeared in HK dramas actually happening before my eyes.


A lot of money burning!

Bought so many things from Ladies’ Street and Temple Street. My dad was really good at bargaining so I got a lot of things at a pretty good deal too. #kiam

I also came home with a new carrier because my old one broke on the first day. Bought a bigger one which provided so much space, and of course, we filled it up with souvenirs.


Not particularly fond of most of the people in general…

…because many of the hawker stall owners were pretty rude, and I felt so offended.

We met many nice people who were very helpful, of course, but I think Hong Kongers are generally just pretty straight forward, some to the extent where it’s a little rude. It’s probably normal for them, but I’m not quite used to that style of communication.


Let’s just say the weather was the biggest party pooper during my entire trip.

We came at the wrong season.

Apparently it’s monsoon season and it has been raining every day for the past month or something, and so it was the same during our stay here – rain rain rain, every day. Because of the rain, everything was quite troublesome, and I couldn’t really get any footage – hence, I kind of gave up on trying to document my entire trip.


My first trip abroad was not perfect but I had fun.

Here’s a video to wrap it up:

Until my next hustle!


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