Goodbye, Eleven Tsuki


As some of you would know, I co-founded Eleven Tsuki with Nathalie back in 2012.

And… maybe some of you have heard too, that we’re disbanding/ending. You can read more on it here:

But I just thought I’d share some thoughts or memories on this website, in which I have witnessed its creation, growth, and end.

I still remember how it started, how we named it, how hard we worked on the layout/design changes (we had to figure out HTML coding on our own, oh, the horror), how we transitioned to, how we started recruiting, how happy we are when we started attending conventions as Eleven Tsuki representatives, how it felt when people recognize us, how it felt when people told us that they read our content, how it felt when people said that they liked our content…

It gave me a feeling of achievement that nothing else have before.

We had a hard time naming it, though it did, thankfully, turn out well in the end.


Our logos went through a rough history of refining, and eventually settling down with a dash of yellow.


In the early days, it was just Nat and I both, running the blog with a lot of passion, churning out as much content as we both could manage. Later on, as the rest of the team members joined, we no longer faced problems with a lack a content. Instead, commitment became an issue for me.

I have to admit, I have been in the shadows for a while now. I was not actively contributing, only taking up the roles of an Event Photographer, and occasionally helping out with graphics when Aiman doesn’t have enough time to work on them.


Top row to last row: 2013, 2014,
Transition of our slider design style. I picked up Photoshop for this! Top row to last row: 2013, 2014, 2016.
My personal favourite snaps throughout my journey with Eleven Tsuki.

I’m a selfish person, I guess.

For a long period of time, I was struggling with a lot of things – many of which I am still troubled with. I gave all my time to my studies, career, church, family, friends; I became an ignorant parent who just left their child aside.

Eleven Tsuki was like my (our) baby. We brought it to life, watched it grow, and was there through all the baby steps that were took to reach where it is right now. Perhaps, I thought that it would be fine without me – which is very true, actually – and that is why I started to give it less attention.

I would say, Nathalie was the backbone of the team, keeping everything up and running. For that, I would like to give her all the thanks and praise that I can, as well as my apologies for my absence.

From just the both of us, to a team of 11 at the time of disbanding. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get a complete team photo.
From just the both of us, to a team of 11 at the time of disbanding. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get a complete team photo.

I’m also very grateful for all my supportive friends who would read our content, or ask about Eleven Tsuki’s well-being every now and then. I’m also grateful to those who responded to the annoying Page Like invites, and for sharing/liking/reading our posts too.

Now that we’ve come to this, I find it hard to bid farewell to Eleven Tsuki, unexpectedly. I thought I would be able to just let it go easily, but I guess not.

It’s been a good 4 years; a time that I will never forget.
And with a heavy heart…

Goodbye, Eleven Tsuki.


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