11 Facts People Should Know About Me

Myers Briggs personality type, horoscope, birth date, favorite K-pop group, color of my hair – these are things that people can easily find out if they do a little bit of stalking on my social media accounts (in case you wanted to know: ENFP, Scorpio, 18th November, DAY6 & Girls Generation, faded brown). But there are many sides of me that people have never seen, and will probably never see because I’m always too busy to hang out or just too awkward to talk.

So here are 11 (because it’s my favorite number) facts that you should know about me!

1. I hate pink 

I don’t know why did society decided to associate the color, pink, to femininity. It is, without a doubt, a pretty color, and some shades of pink do look very pretty on shoes, caps, clothes, etc. But I just don’t have the heart to wear anything pink – I don’t look good in pink anyway!

Unless I am left with no choice at all, I will never, ever, use or buy anything that

I do, however, use pink in my journal. Sometimes.

Anything for my best friend, right. (She does like pink)


2. ‘Sweet’ is my middle name – no, really.

For those who don’t know, my chinese name is Sweet Jieng (雪靖).

I may be the last person that anyone would think to be sweet, but I guess my mother had expectations for me when I was growing up. Unfortunately, I’m more of a salty person.

Finally a chance to use this gif!


3. I have the tendency to eavesdrop. 

Coming clean now – yes, I eavesdrop rather frequently. It’s a habit that I picked up from one of my journalism classes in college, whereby my lecturer told us to stay alert and occasionally eavesdrop on conversations nearby, because that may be where you can find leads to news.

This also means I may randomly interrupt a conversation that I was listening to. Or tweet about it. Here’s one of the funniest things I’ve eavesdropped on:

Read from the bottom up.


4.  I have flat feet. 

Back in 2010 when I went to the chiropractor, the scan showed that almost the entire of the sole of my feet are in contact with the ground.

What that means, is that: all the burden of my body weight will be shifted to my lower back (hence the pain…), running hurts, my balance isn’t awful, and I may trip and fall even when I am walking on flat ground. If you’re wondering if it has ever happened before…


Image result for jennifer lawrence falling down gif
If only my fall looked as graceful as Jennifer Lawrence’s.

Please don’t laugh at me if it happens before you.


5. I am mixed-handed.

As defined by Wikipedia

People tend to freak out a little when they realize that I write with my left hand. Heck, some even get so amazed because they’ve “never seen a left handed person in real life”. Um, okay?

But I’m not actually left-handed, I’m just mixed-handed. Even my family thought that I was left handed all this while!

I write with my left hand, hold sharp things (scissors, knife, blade, etc) with my right hand, can throw equally well with both hands, can use the toothbrush and comb with both hands, hold a baseball bat with my right hand, flip pages with my left,… et cetera, et cetera.



6. I drive a Perodua Kancil (1995). 

My car is one year older than I am, and it still works, yes!

What I like about it? Well, it’s small, which makes it easier for me to find parking, and it’s a car, so I can get to places without needing to Uber/Grab, walk, or take public transport (which is amazing because I don’t like public transport very much).

What I hate about it? Right now, the air cond doesn’t really work, the brakes don’t work sometimes, it’s not very powerful, the rear wiper has spoiled, I always feel like the car will just break down at any moment…. etc.

Regardless, still grateful that I have a car!

Image result for small car parking gif
When it comes to using bigger cars, my parking skills aren’t so great though.


7. I have strong RBF (Resting B*tch Face). 

Censoring the B word in case my mother happens to read this post. (Hi mum!)

So yes, my RBF is rather strong, but I swear I am a friendly person! I might be a little awkward when it comes to initiating conversations, but once we got the ball rolling, I can be a good person to talk to!

Please don’t be intimidated by my emotionless face. It’s just my default expression when I’m spacing out, or just relaxed.

Here’s my friendliest expression.


8. I have once spoiled a birthday surprise for my mum.

In my defense, I didn’t lie and I was being honest – because momma said that a good kid should be honest. I don’t quite remember, but I was around 11 or 12 years old.

What happened was, my aunt/grandma/someone got my mum a handbag. I was very excited, I guess (I don’t really remember how it went down). I was eager for my mum to open up the gift!

My aunt just told me to not spoil the surprise, but the next thing I said totally spoiled it–

“I didn’t say it’s a bag!”

Image result for oops gif

But fast forward to 2017, I am now a good helper in organizing birthday surprises!
I guess I really did grow :’)


9. My personal best record for staying in bed was…

20 Hours!

I was around 14 years old or so, when I had a lower back muscle condition.

Technically speaking, it wasn’t my choice to stay in bed for 20 hours (I didn’t even get off bed to go to the toilet because I couldn’t!), but I was asleep most of the time, so I guess it still counts?

My second best record would be 14 hours, which was right after I got home from a school camp. Socializing is tiring, y’all.

Image result for sleeping gif

So don’t think it’s weird that you see me yawning all the time. I really do love to sleep.


10. I have a YouTube channel!

Yes, please allow me to self-promote for a little, hehe.

I have a YouTube channel, and I post videos of song covers and my vlogs. These are one of the few things that I enjoy doing, so I’m doing this YouTube thing entirely because I really enjoy singing and making videos.

As mentioned in one of my videos, I vlog because of a few reasons. One would be to keep my memories in video form, as my memory isn’t so great nowadays. Plus, videos are more entertaining than photographs, right? Also vlogging for another reason, but you’ll find out soon enough in one of my upcoming videos that I did with Nathalie!

Please subscribe to me here: https://goo.gl/p8PHm9 ❤


11. I will be going back to school soon!

Surprisingly, I’m rather excited to be getting back to my studies.

I took an unintentional gap year, in which I did a few jobs here and there. I met a lot of people and learned a lot of new things, but I still want to pursue my degree. So, here I am, awaiting for my new semester! Not so excited for the assignments and stress that comes together, but yes! I have finally resumed my status as a student, hehe.

I do hope that I still know how to write academic papers, though.

Image result for back to school gif


Until my next post!


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