I guess you’re reading this because you don’t really know me well, right? Well, that’s okay, you’ll find out more as you read on. My name is Jane Ng, based in Malaysia, and I make a living as a translator, writer, and designer.

Some fun facts about me:

    • Lefty & AB+ INFP
    • Has RBF, but I’m friendly, I swear! I’m just a little… shy.  ( >///< )
    • Got sorted into Ravenclaw and Pukwudgie on Pottermore.
    • Can be brutally honest to the extent of being called a savage. #nohardfeelings
    • Extremely low tolerance for spicy food.
    • Watches mostly Korean TV shows.
    • Runs an ACG website called Eleven Tsuki with a fun group of people.
    • Cannot resist ice-cream. Especially anything Oreo/Cookies and Creme.
    • Favorite color scheme: Black, Red, Grey, White

I enjoy writing, that’s for sure, but I don’t have a solid direction with where I’m going with this blog. As of right now, it’s just a bunch of updates about my life, and also the occasional emotional rant posts.

It’s main purpose though, is probably to serve as a platform to remind me of things. I’m a rather forgetful person, so I need things that will last for a long time to keep me reminded – I think the Internet isn’t going to go away for the next half a century or so, hopefully?

Until then, I’ll try to keep this place alive. ❤


If you want to know more about me, feel free to find me on social media!

Instagram: @nsjieng
Facebook  : fb.com/ElevenTsuki
Twitter      : @nsjieng | @ElevenTsuki
Youtube    : Yootooob

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