Bucket List


Just thought I’d keep a copy of my bucket list here.
Basically a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

✓  Graduate College
Buy my own car
Get my parents a house
Get my own house
Learn how to crack an egg with one hand
✓  Learn how to bake
Learn how to cook well
✓  Learn a martial art/self-defense
✓  Dye my hair
Go on a Road Trip
Go backpacking
✓  Go on a weekend getaway with friends
Try pottery
Try Ice-Skating
Ride a zip-line
Witness an eclipse
Bungee Jump at Macau Tower
Skydive in Dubai
Scuba Diving in Tonga
Swim with a sea turtle
Visit the Studio Ghibli Museum
Visit Tokyo Disneyland
Go camping
Donate my hair
Donate blood
Watch a LA Dodgers game live
Adopt a puppy
Adopt another puppy

⋆   Learn to write, read, and/or speak 15 languages
✓  English                  Spanish                     Latin
✓  Mandarin             German                     Na’vi
✓  Korean                  French                       Dothraki
✓  Malay                    Italian                        Klingon
✓  Cantonese           Portuguese                  Elvish

⋆   Travel the World – Visit all 7 continents!