2016 Recap + 2017 Goals

So I actually wrote some artsy fartsy introduction text for this post previously, but after reading it again, it was so cringey I had to delete everything.

But yes, this post.

I may not update my blog very often, but one of the times that I will most definitely give this blog a little CPR would be when I need to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions! It’s probably the same as 2016’s but… isn’t that the same for everyone?

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Turning 20: Things That Hit Hard In 2016

Hello, I’m back.

I just turned 20 two days ago (18th November!), and well…. it didn’t make much of a difference.

My student life pretty much ended after my exams last year, and the only academic paper that I wrote after that was my internship report, so there’s that. Many things happened, some were great, some were traumatizing, some were just weird – but all that made who I am today.

Friends have been commenting on my slight change of attitude/personality after I started working, and I guess the beliefs and principals that I uphold right now are probably very different from those that 18 year old Jane used to.

My 19th year have been a roller coaster ride, and now that I’m stepping into my 20th, I hope it’ll be one worth remembering. So, here are 20 things that have hit particularly hard this year.

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To Johor

So, about a month ago, I headed to Johor with my mum, aunt, and uncle to join the Family Fun Run (3km) at the Milo Breakfast Day 2016.

Initially, we wanted to go to the one in Putrajaya, but we mistakenly registered for the one in Johor. Instead of selling it away, we decided to just go for a two-day trip and go for the run in Johor anyway.

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Hey May


It’s been one month since my last blog post, and while I have added 4 more draft posts, I don’t think I will be completing them any time soon – my brain is too scattered at the moment and I’m very much confused.

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How My Perspective Changes

per·spec·tive   |  noun
a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

My perspective gets swayed easily, but they don’t change entirely if I don’t see/experience it for myself. I guess you can consider me to be stubborn, somehow.

Here’s how my perspective has changed – towards my career industry, and the two things that take up the most of my life: Kpop and ACG.

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The Smartphone Destroyer

That’s what I’d call myself.

I think it has something to do with my natural clumsiness, where I would just tend to lose my grip on my phones, and just happen to drop it, scratch it, etc. Later on when it gets really damaged, I just can’t care less and start throwing it around and stuff.

Starting from my first phone would make the story too long, so let’s talk about the phones I’ve used in the past two years.

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