First Trip Abroad: Rainy Hong Kong

After months of procrastinating, this post is finally happening!

So, back in September, I visited Hong Kong for 6 days, which was of mostly rain, endless walking, and a lot of money burning. It was, though, without a doubt, a nice getaway for a week. The piled up stress from work was killing me and I think this vacation was juuust in time.

(Pssst. Vlog at the bottom!)

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Best Friend Tag: Blog Swap with Nathalie

Shh, shh. Did you hear that? The tinkling bells as I landed on this little space in the vast interweb? They only do that for strangers, you know, and that’s exactly who I am – a stranger!

Well, kind of… maybe just a stranger to you. My name is Nathalie, and I’m here because I’ve abducted Jane for a blog swap! (*evil laugher*) We’re doing the best friend tag (-ish), so I’m going to answer a few questions about her here, and she’s going to answer questions about me on my blog!

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To Johor

So, about a month ago, I headed to Johor with my mum, aunt, and uncle to join the Family Fun Run (3km) at the Milo Breakfast Day 2016.

Initially, we wanted to go to the one in Putrajaya, but we mistakenly registered for the one in Johor. Instead of selling it away, we decided to just go for a two-day trip and go for the run in Johor anyway.

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